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Do-It-Yourself Window Repair

Repairing broken windows yourself is not as difficult as one might think. Compared to installing a replacement window, this job is very simple. It is also much less expensive to repair a broken window yourself than to hire a contractor or handyman to replace one broken piece of glass.

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Steps to repairing a broken window pane

The first step to repairing a broken window pane is to remove the old glass. If it is completely shattered, just grab the broken pieces of glass and pull. For safety, make sure you are wearing gloves and a long sleeve shirt. You may need to loosen the old putty with a putty knife in order to remove all the glass. Old window putty is sometimes very hard and difficult to scrape off. The best way to deal with this is to heat the putty-a hair dryer on high works as well as anything. Before you remove the glass, take out the glazier pins on the sides of the glass. These are the little pieces of metal between the glass and the frame. If they are in good condition, save them for the new piece of glass. You should probably have some replacement pins on hand, though, in case the old ones aren't useable. Remove the glass by gentling wiggling and pushing on it.

After you have removed the glass, take some glazier's putty in your hand, roll it into a long, thin rope and place it into the groove for the pane. Push the putty down into the groove just enough to keep it from falling out.

Next, place the new glass in the frame, top first. Once in the frame, the glass should have a little give, but not slide around in the frame. Push the pointed part of the glazier pins between the glass and the frame in 4-6 inch increments. Once this is done, the window should be firmly set in the frame. Using high quality window caulk, run a bead all long the glass, both inside and out. When you are sure the glass is set and the caulk has dried, open and close the window to be sure the glass is tight.

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