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Replacement Window Ideas: Creating Space with a Bow Window

A great idea for a replacement window would be to create space with a bow window. This style protrudes out from the house, similar to a bay window. Unlike bays, though, which are more angular, the bow style curves out from the side of the house. Bow windows can open up a space, and can even be equipped with a window seat, which is another space-saving feature.

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What is a replacement bow window?

A replacement bow window is constructed by joining several small windows into the same frame. A popular design style is a large, non-opening picture window in the middle and four (or more) smaller, opening, windows-usually casement-style. Replacing an old picture window with a bow window is an excellent idea for creating a feeling of spaciousness, even where there isn't much room. Bow windows let in more light than traditional windows and offer a greater view of the outside. An addition of a window seat offers a seating option without taking up additional room. This style is often used in living rooms, but would be a good choice in a smaller room, like a dining room or bedroom.

What do replacement bow windows cost?

The cost of a replacement bow window will depend on a few things. The first is the size of the window. The bigger the window, the higher the price. The second factor in price is the choice of window frame material. The least expensive is vinyl, but other choices are available as well. Another factor in the price of a bow window is who you choose to install it. Do-it-yourself installation will save you a lot of money, but with a job this big, it may be worth the cost of a professional window installer. The average cost of a bow window is between $800 and $2000 without installation.

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