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Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY Replacement Window Installation

Replacement windows are a fantastic way to save money on utilities, update the look of your home and possibly increase the resale value. The cost of having the windows installed by a contractor, though, can be daunting. More and more people are turning to DIY replacement windows. The amount of money saved installing your own windows can be considerable, and replacing windows, once you've done one, is not a difficult job. There are disadvantages and advantages of replacing windows yourself. Here are a few; hopefully they help you to make a good decision.

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Advantages of DIY replacement windows

The most obvious advantage of DIY replacement windows is the cost savings. You can replace your windows at cost. If you chose $180 replacement windows, and have 10 windows to replace, that's $1800 dollars if you install them yourself. If you hire someone to install them, you will pay $15-20/hour in labor costs. At an hour per window, 10 windows adds $1500-$2000 to the cost of your windows, making your total $3300 to $3800 as opposed to $1800.

Another advantage is that you know your home. You know what you want the windows to do. An installer hired from the window company or home improvement store doesn't have the knowledge of your home like you do, the character of it and the feeling you want the window to create. Those things are sometimes hard to convey to someone who doesn't live in the home.

Disadvantages of DIY replacement windows

There are a few disadvantages of DIY replacement windows and you should weigh the cost savings against these disadvantages. The biggest one is that a contractor or window installer is a professional. Installing windows is what they do. You, the homeowner, are most likely not an experienced professional and if you don't prepare enough before attempting the job, it could end in disaster, like a broken $180 window.

Another disadvantage is that when problems arise, (for example a windowsill that is rotted and will not hold a new window), you could cause serious (and expensive) structural damage to your home. Ultimately, whether you decide to hire someone or attempt this yourself has to be your own decision.

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