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Vinyl Replacement Window Cost

The costs of vinyl replacement windows have a very large range, anywhere from $100 up to $700 or more. The cost depends on the size of the window and any added features a homeowner chooses. Another factor in the cost is where the windows are purchased from, and how the homeowner chooses to install the windows.

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Features adding to the cost of vinyl replacement windows

The lowest priced vinyl replacement window is about $100. This window would be a single hung (bottom pane opens), double paned window, possibly with a tilt-in feature for easy cleaning. The next step up would be a double hung window, a style in which both of the sashes open and close. From that point, there are energy saving features that homeowners have the choice of adding to their windows. One of these features is using low emissivity glass (low-e), a type of glass that inhibits heat loss and increases energy savings. This glass is more expensive, but will lower your energy costs significantly when used in replacement windows. If the homeowner doesn't want to pay the high price for low-e glass, there are also several tinting and glazing options for the glass. These glazes can encourage solar warming, help keep heat in the house or reflect the sun away from the house. None of these features come standard, so homeowners should be sure to thoroughly evaluate the needs of their home. It is a good idea to comparison shop between window manufacturers to see who has the best prices.

Why such a difference in vinyl replacement window costs?

There is a huge range of prices in vinyl replacement windows. Part of the reason for this is this style of window is fairly inexpensive to manufacture. This has lead to many "discount" window suppliers or wholesale window suppliers. A homeowner should be wary, though, of any deal that seems too good to be true. A window replacement salesperson that just "drops by" without being called is something to be careful of, too. When buying replacement windows, it's a good idea to go with a trusted manufacturer or store. A little extra spent by avoiding discount windows may be well worth the cost if it means higher quality and better service.

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