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Wallpaper Mural Kitchen Décor

Wallpaper mural kitchen décor isn't just for restaurants anymore! You can add drama to your kitchen with a scenic mural that blends into your decorating scheme. It doesn't have to be difficult to install one either - some of them come on wallpaper sheets for an entire wall, but others are just cut to the size of the mural itself, be it a faux window or faux furniture.

Here's some wallpaper mural kitchen décor ideas that might fit in with your decorating scheme:

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Faux Windows
If your kitchen is lacking windows, you might want to try a faux window mural. They are made to look just like a real window and are really cute. You can get a design to match with almost any décor including a tropical window, one that looks out on the ocean, one that looks out on a garden, windows with faux plants on the sills, windows with shutters, oval windows and round. Why not try a window mural and than add real shutters to the wall right next to it! Or a shelf underneath as a faux windowsill with plants on it!

Faux Furniture
If you have a wall space that you can't put a piece of furniture it either because a door swings open too it, or because the aisle is too narrow you could try a faux furniture wallpaper mural kitchen accessory. These life size murals of great cupboards, shelves and benches that you just paste right up on your wall. You can even get ones of fireplaces if you always wanted to have one in your kitchen but can't afford the renovations!

These murals look like little cutouts in your wall – inset areas with rounded tops and a shelf that add a bit of architectural interest. You can paste them right on your wall in any area where this sort of wallpaper mural kitchen addition would look good. They come with fruit bowls, marble busts and floral motifs.

Architectural Murals
I love adding architectural elements to any design but especially to a tuscan or Italian design kitchen. With these you can transform your whole wall into a vista that overlooks a garden with fountains or the ocean complete with giant columns and steps. You would probably have to have a pretty large kitchen to pull this off and the right accessories but it would be fun to blend in some real architectural pieces and would give your kitchen the look of opening up into the outdoors.

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