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Kitchen Decorating Idea Guide :: Wallpapering with fabric

Wallpapering with fabric can add texture and color to your kitchen.

Wallpapering with fabric can add texture and color to your kitchen. It's almost as easy as using wallpaper and gives your walls a unique look that is easily removable. Of course, wallpapering with cloth or fabric can be quite costly, but then so can wallpaper. For an interesting look try using fabric on just one wall or using a large patterned fabric to create a wall mural.

Wallpapering with fabric is a great choice for apartments or rooms where you want the wall covering to be easily removable without causing damage. You can apply the cloth straight to the walls, or use cloth panels that are nailed to the walls. The panels offer a few options that wallpapering with cloth directly on the walls do not - you can put stuffing in between the cloth and panel for an upholstered look and also apply buttons for an upholstered look! When it is time to remove the panels, however you will probably need to fill in any nail holes caused by putting them up and repaint. If you apply the fabric directly to the walls, you simply need to peel the it off, wash the walls and go!

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Wallpapering with fabric or cloth is similar to regular wallpapering. Here's the basic steps involved:

Once you have selected to area you want to cover, prepare it by washing and cut the fabric to be about 2" larger than the shape of the area. If you are using a pattern you will have to make sure you match the seams same as with regular wallpaper.

Apply starch (Linit Starch or any other you prefer) to the top portion of the wall - you can either brush it on or use a spray. Leaving a 1" overlap at the ceiling, place the fabric on the top part of the wall and smooth in place. Use push pins or tacs to hold it up temporarily. Apply more starch to the fabric once it is up, smoothing out any airbubbles with a brush. Repeat for each panel (remember to match the pattern at the edges) being sure to leave a 1" overlap at the top, bottom and around any windows or doors.

Finishing Touches
Once everything is dry, cut the overlapping pieces at the floor, ceiling and around doors and windows with a sharp knife or blade. You must wait until it is dried so that it is stiff enough to make a clean cut.

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