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Wallpapering Backsplashes

Wallpapering backsplashes can add a little zing to your kitchen with very little effort. Since most wallpapers come pre-pasted, applying paper is easy and the area of a backsplash is so small this can be an easy afternoon project. Of course, you will want to pick a wallpaper that is washable so that you can easily remove the "splashes" that occur during normal kitchen activities.

The steps for wallpapering backsplashes are the same for wallpapering any wall. First you will want to prepare the wall by washing. Be sure to wash off any stains (for heavy stains try washing with Trisodium Phosphate). Remove any light switches and outlet covers and fill in any holes. If you have filled in holes, sand the holes and remove all the dust.

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Measure the wallpaper to be a couple of inches longer than the actual size of the backsplash and cut your panels. If your paper has a pattern, be sure to make sure that you cut it so that the pattern matches at the seams. Apply the paper to the wall per manufacturers instructions, overlapping the top and bottom edge by an inch. If there are any windows, you will want to overlap any paper that is against them as well. Make sure you smooth the paper out to remove any bubbles and wrinkles when wallpapering backsplashes.

Once the wallpaper is dry, cut the excess off around the edges with a sharp blade.

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