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Vintage Kitchen Curtain Decorating

Using a vintage kitchen curtain to frame your window can add a unique appeal to your decorating theme whether it be retro, modern or thematic. It's true what they say - "They just don't make them like they used to" and vintage curtains have a color and appeal that you just don't find in todays' kitchen curtains.

Finding Vintage Curtains

Vintage curtains are not hard to find, although some of the better ones may be a bit pricey. Your best bet is to hit an antique mall where there are many dealers. Plan to spend an afternoon rooting around in the different booths to get an idea of what is available and pricing. Although there are plenty of vintage curtains to be found, you probably won't find the same pattern twice, so if you see something you love grab it right away because chances are it will be gone when you go back to get it!

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If you have some patience, you can try to find some nice vintage curtains for your kitchen at yard sales or estate sales. Estate sales are probably your best bet and it doesn't hurt to ask if there are any old curtains laying around. If it looks like the house is being emptied for sale, look at the curtains hanging on the kitchen window and if they suit your needs ask if you can buy them. Often times people don't think to take down the curtains and sell them and I've gotten some great deals on overlooked curtains and even light fixtures that I took right off the ceiling!

You can also hit the local antique auctions, although you might find that you have to buy a whole lot of vintage curtains an dlinens just to get the one pair you want. Better yet - let an antique dealer buy the lot and then approach them and ask if they want to sell you that one pair - most dealers are quite happy to sell curtains from a lot with such a quick turn around and cash is a nice incentive too!

And don't forget ebay and online shopping. There's a huge selection of vintage items like curtains and other décor for your kitchen just waiting to be bought! Just make sure you deal with a reputable individual. If you are buying on ebay, check the feedback. Usually a dealer in one of the online malls will be more pleasant to deal with and they do have a reputation to uphold. That's not to say that an ebay dealer isn't fair and pleasant, but just check to make sure they have sold a lot of items and have a high feedback rating.

Make Your Own

You can make your own kitchen curtains with even the must rudimentary sewing skills. You can even use staples or self stick fasteners which you can hide in the back of the curtain for a no sew solution. If you can't find a vintage curtain that suits you, you can buy vintage fabric or cut up old tablecloths or dish towels. You can buy tablecloths that have a little hole or stain on one side for very little money, cut them up and discard the stained or holey area and use the good part.

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