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Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Under kitchen cabinet lighting is necessary to illuminate task areas in your kitchen where you prepare food. If you have nothing to light up the space on the counter it can be a real chore to chop and mix and surprisingly, a lot of kitchens are lacking in the type of lighting. If you have no task lighting such as recessed lights or track lights that point to the task areas, then you may want to think about installing lights under the cabinet to make your kitchen tasks easier.

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When selecting under kitchen cabinet lighting, you will need to choose between halogen and fluorescent. Fluorescent lighting is unappealing to many homeowners and halogen is definitely a favorite with it's bright white light. However, halogen lights are more costly and not as efficient as fluorescent so you will have to choose between aesthetics and efficiency.

You want to make sure that your under kitchen cabinet lighting is not visible when you are sitting at the table or breakfast bar so be sure to choose a low profile model. If you don't want to do any wiring you can buy some that plug into a receptacle and they even make a model that runs on batteries so no unsightly plug is seen. The lights should be installed near the front of the cabinet and you will need about 8 watts of fluorescent light per foot.

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