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Tuscan Home Decor Can Warm Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is your spot for family gatherings and you can add to that by decorating it with a sunny and worn Tuscan decorating style.

Whether you have a designer or not you can have a Tuscan home décor style in your kitchen with just a few alterations such as painting and matching your tablecloths and dishware to give it some Tuscany. Some of the decor in the room you could change include decorative accessories, wall coverings, floor coverings, fixtures in conjunction with your kitchen table and chairs.

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Decorative accessories are key to pulling your Tuscan home décor design theme together. You can even totally alter the look of your room by simply replacing the accessories! Focus on shopping for tablecloths, dishware and cannisters, in patterns and colors complimentary to your Tuscan design style. You'll be amazed at how simple and economical it is, and what an incredible difference these changes make! Make sure to add in lots of antiques combined with majolica pottery and you could even try some some country wooden items mixed in with a few shabby crystal items with drippy prisms to really spruce up your kitchen. Additional decor such as lots of silk flowers can give you a professional look like it came out of a magazine.

One big thing to pay attention to when decorating your kitchen with a Tuscan home décor design is what you put on the walls. For this Decorating Scheme the colors are important - you should consider working with golden mustard yellow and earthtones as a paint color. Try using a faux plaster with an aged patina on the walls, or use faux painted walls that look antique. You don't need to go all out and if you want plain colored walls, merely paint the walls a neutral shade and let the accents in the room do the decorating.

Lighting is important in any room and the kitchen is no exception. To match your Tuscan home décor design, you will have to consider lighting in terms of style as well as type. When you will be incorporating a Tuscan style, try installing rustic ceiling fixtures with wall sconces but you should stay away from anything which is anything too shiny like chrome or stainless steel. Most kitchens can work with an overhead light in conjunction with task lighting.

What you put on the floor can make or break your decor, but if new floors aren't in the budget for your kitchen then you can mask your existing floors by using small rugs with a Tuscan style. If new floors are in your budget, try aged hardwood floors or Italian tile or marble.

How you dress your windows are important to your Tuscan home décor style. For a terrific look in your kitchen consider working with panel drapes or sheers. There are many treatments that can be paired with this design, particularly if you coordinate them with other elements in the room, however you probably want to avoid anything too cutsey or frilly.

It's not critical to use coordinating kitchen table, chairs, and utility cart but the kitchen should have lots of antique or reproduction furniture. To really pick up on the Tuscan look, consider items that have a hand painted or antique finish.

An important decorating area that is often ignored when decorating your house are your walls. Even the plainest walls can be smashing by incorporating great wall decor. Try adding antique paintings or perhaps a wall mural of a Tuscan country side to your kitchen walls to really show off the warmth of your Tuscan design.

Putting together a designer Tuscan look in your kitchen can be as simple or involved as you want it to be. Either way, paying attention to detail and coordinating your furniture and decorative items will help you pull off a great new Tuscan home décor look that you'll have fun showing off to your friends!

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