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A bit of Tuscan faux painting on your walls can evoke the feeling of old world charm right in your kitchen Even if your house is new, you can get the look of old Tuscany with a little bit of paint and a lot of technique.

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To learn Tuscan faux painting, you can try to catch a class at your local Home Depot or other home hardware store. They often offer classes for free and, of course, sell the supplies right there. I suggest that you practice on large pieces of cardboard, before you apply your newfound skills to your walls. You can prime the cardboard so that it will start off the same color as your walls and try your faux painting on them cardboard. The bigger piece you use, the better of an idea you will get as to how it will look when your whole kitchen is done. Hold the cardboard up to the wall in the kitchen to see how the lighting affects it and how it looks with your cabinets and flooring.

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Tuscan faux painting can be as simple as a faux stucco style wall or painting little cracks to emulate cracked plaster. You can start off by painting the wall a light shade of burnt yellow or ochre and then add depth and interest by shadowing the corners and edges in a darker shade and by blotting with a fluffy brush so that it gradually blends into the main color. Take a liner brush and draw thin lines that emulate cracks here and there - don't overdo it. You can add depth to the lines by highlighting with a shade darker at the very bottom

Tuscan faux painting can also be very detailed, Perhaps you want a painted garden scene or a scene overlooking the Tuscan hill side. You may want to purchase a wallpaper mural to get this look or hire a professional mural painter. A faux window that overlooks a tuscan scene would really add interest to a blank wall, or even a faux inset on a faux plaster wall would make a nice focal point.

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