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Open Up Your Kitchen For Summer

Summer is a great time to give your kitchen a cool new look. You can move a few things around and buy some new accessories and make your kitchen a great summer hideout. Having a lighter brighter feel in the kitchen may make it more pleasant to cook in on those hot summer days.

How can you make your kitchen a fun summer getaway?

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Summertime is all about light. Put the heavy drapery away and make the widows a focal point. While the light is great during the day - especially if you don't need to turn on interior lights - you may dislike the cavernous black holes that they become late at night. For privacy and appearance, keep up the retractable blinds during the day and put them down at night behind a sheer curtain.

Use mirrors to capture the sunlight and bounce it around. This doesn't mean a major change in your decor but you may find moving a large mirror to a different wall will optimize the light reflection in the room. Try it across from a window or on a wall that corners against the window wall for the most light distribution.

Open Up the Room

While some people change their furniture arrangement all the time, others rarely consider it. Moving the furniture into a 'summer arrangement' can optimize your space and give it a more airy feel. Try putting away your big table and going with a smaller café style glass topped table or wicker set.

If you barbecue you might even switch the dining and living room area around if it will give you a better flow for entertaining and enjoying the evening sun during meals.

Roll up the area rugs, leave the table bare and get rid of excess clutter on your countertops. Accent the kitchen with light greens, aquas and melon colored accessories. Using bamboo placemats or having colorful fun summer plates and glasses out can really add to the look. How about leaving a tropical pitcher and glasses on a summer themed tray on your counter, sideboard or table?

Make your eating area light and breezy with like to use white cotton or canvas slipcovers on the furniture. Not only will it brighten the room, but they can come off easily to be cleaned so you needn't worry about stains - which is never a good look!

Bring the Outdoors In

A large tropical plant with palm leaves will give an instant injection of summer to your kitchen. Adding some colorful cut flowers will add further summer appeal. However, too much of anything is not good. Don't clutter your rooms with so many plants it feels like a conservatory.

Using one or two of these suggestions will be sure to help you take full advantage of summer - while its here!

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