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French Country Style For Kitchens

Decorating your kitchen in a certain theme or style can be a great way to make it the focal point of your house and having a French country kitchen decorating theme is a great way to add personality to this important room.

The goal you want to achieve with the French country look is to make someone feel like they've walked into a charming cottage in the French countryside. This type of the kitchen will reflect Frenchman's joy of living, good food, good friends and family. In order to get the warm and romantic look of a French country style kitchen there are few details you want to consider.

The biggest aspect in any room including the kitchen is the color. A French country kitchen would most likely have walls in a muted yellow - a butter or mustard color. The cabinets and cupboards would look best painted with the milk paint or a muted paint in the cornflower blue or even a salmon color. If you really want to go all out, you could include stenciling or hand-painted flowers were animals on the cabinets.

Natural lighting is a must for any French country kitchen so it is best to use just simple Roman shades or valances in your windows. You'll want to use country style fabrics - a toile would be perfect but if that's a little too froufrou for you, you could try stripes or even a solid color and canvas. If you don't have a lot of windows in the kitchen, try putting a mirror on the wall opposite the windows you do have which will reflect the light and make it appear as if there is more natural light coming into the room.

Accessories are a part of any design and you want to include those that are functional in your French country kitchen. Instead of using a utensil caddie, try using an earthy terra-cotta vase to store your spatulas and other cooking utensils. A pot rack over kitchen island with would look great with copper cookware in it and you can also buy copper freestanding racks or wrought iron ones that you could put plants on to soften the look. Try hanging some dried lavender on the wall and you will not only add food for the eyes but the scent of lavender will make the kitchen smell great and add to the ambiance.

When shopping for kitchen tables you want to get a plain pine worktable. Try looking in antique stores as you might be able to get a pretty decent table that looks really authentic for less money than you would be able to buy them new. Tables that have a little chippy paint on them are even better. Use plain country chairs around the table and don't be afraid to mix the chairs up a little bit so that they don't all match.

These ideas should get you started on your French country kitchen decorating theme, but you can add your own unique touches to them. Shop around in home decorating stores, consignment stores and even at yard sales and flea markets to find your own French country items to add to your kitchen.

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