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The Warmth Of A Country Style Kitchen

Decorating a country style kitchen is a great way to get a designer look that has a warm and comfortable feeling. The country fame is very popular today as it makes the kitchen seem open and friendly while combining earthy colors and comfortable furniture.

Here’s some things you want to think about when decorating your kitchen with a country style theme.

1. Color
Country colors should be warm fresh and clean. Colors like browns, brick reds, greens and yellow and gold’s all go great with the country style.

2. Furniture
you want your furniture to have a country farmhouse feel and buying vintage or antique furniture is always a good way to go. Large wooden tables work great and you can get ladder backed chairs or go with upholstered ones for maximum comfort but use kingdom or floral tie patterns to accentuate the country style.

3. Accents
keep your accents light and airy, baskets, flowers, fruits and vegetables as well as plans will help add to the country kitchen look.

4. Floors
It’s great if you can get a natural wood floor in the kitchen, but if that isn’t in your budget you can go with laminate and use country style braided rugs or drugs to get the look you want.

When coming up with a design for your country style kitchen, you want to focus on comfort as well as functionality. Look through books and magazines that focus on the country theme. Don’t be surprised If you see many different variations and choose the one that suits you in your kitchen layout the best.

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