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Southwestern Kitchen Decorating

Whether you have a designer or not you can end up with a southwestern style in your kitchen by altering simple things like adding a wallpaper border and Putting together your tablecloths and dishware to add some southwest. Some items to keep in mind when changing your interior decoration include the paint, the lighting fixtures, accessories, and the floors and your kitchen table and chairs.

Accessories are important to pulling your southwestern design together. You can dramatically alter the style of your room merely by changing the accessories! Focus on picking tablecloths, dishware and cannisters, in that compliment your southwestern look. You'll be amazed at how easy changes can make a big impact. You want to be sure to add in lots of American Indian pottery bowls in conjunction with water jugs in pottery and you ought to even try some Mexican decorated plates to display on the walls to add some punch to your kitchen. Supplementary decor such as horse or ranch related memorabilia can help setup your room with a polished decorator appeal.

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What you put on your windows can affect your southwestern look. There are many treatments that can enhance this style, particularly if you match them to other elements in the room, but you probably want to avoid velvet drapes and ruffles. To put together a fantastic look in your kitchen look at working with south western print on cotton or wooden blinds.

Flooring can make or break your decor, but if it's too much work to put new floors in your kitchen then work with your floors by covering them in area rugs that have a southwestern style. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford new floors, consider clay tile floors or Native American woven area rugs.

An important factor when decorating your kitchen with a southwestern decor is your wall color. For this style the colors are important - contemplate putting reds, blacks and tans and blues and oranges either as paint or wallpaper. Try using a stucco plaster on the walls, or apply paint with southwestern stencils or wallpaper borders. It doesn't need to cost a lot and if you don't want color on the walls, just cover the walls in a neutral shade and and play up the color with accents.

Good lighting is essential in most rooms and the kitchen is no exception. To match your southwestern style, you should consider the style of lighting in addition to the type. Most kitchens can benefit from an overhead light combined with task lighting. If you are decorating with a southwestern interior design, think about metal, wood or antler chandelier with wrought iron sconces and lamps but Remember to avoid anything that is frilly cystal with prisms.

You dont have to buy coordinating kitchen table, chairs, and utility cart but the kitchen should have lots of western style items. To really enhance the southwestern style, try using items with a light stain.

A critical aspect that is regularly overlooked when decorating are your walls. Even the plainest walls can be smashing through beautiful paintings and wall art. Try adding horse skulls, framed prints, a collection of branding irons displayed in a grouping to your kitchen walls to really show off the country style of your southwestern decor.

Obtaining a rewarding southwestern look in your kitchen can entail a lot of work, or simply involve buying new accessories. Either way, working on the details and making sure you match your decorative accessories and furniture will help you accomplish a decorative new southwestern style that you will be proud to say you did all by yourself!

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