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Sheer Curtains Soften And Add Light

If you like to let as much light in as possible but don't have the right type of windows, then sheer curtains can soften the lines of a standard window while letting in tons of light. Everyone loves a sunny kitchen, but not all windows look good without curtains. Windows made to be without dressing are usually quite large with smaller trim on the sides (or sometimes really huge with fancy trim).

In most kitchens, leaving your windows bare will create a harsh unfinished look, but installing some simple sheer curtains can help to soften this. It helps, also, to paint the trim the same color as the walls to deemphasize the woodwork.

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If your window is on the wall, simply hang sheer panels on each side of the window - you can even hang them so that they cover only the trim and all of the window is exposed. Simply lengthen the rod so that is goes past the window on either side and push the curtains to the end of the rod. This will allow you to pull the sheers for privacy and still benefit from the light.

If your window is over the sink, a sheer curtains valance will do the trick. You could also hang sheer panels over the sink so that you can pull them closed for privacy, or hang the valance with a window shade tucked up under

When buying sheer curtains, make sure that you measure your window before going shopping. You'll want the curtains to be a tad longer than the window sill and wider than the window so that they can hang in a gathered configuration but still leave the window exposed.

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