Rooster Decor Give Your Kitchen Something to Crow About
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Rooster Decor Give Your Kitchen Something to Crow About

Roosters have been a popular kitchen decorating theme for decades. There's many rooster accessories available for every taste and style. You can even go all out and have roosters everywhere you look or use a more subtle approach and just have a few well chosen accents.

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Rooster Decor Give Your Kitchen Something to Crow About

Christi Vega

Longing to have a touch of the country life in your home? Consider using a rooster, one of the main centerpieces of what is known as French Country décor, as a theme in your kitchen. This is a style that many designers and homeowners use in their decorating plans, especially for kitchens

If you want to start small, think about creating a few subtle focal points that will draw attention. Perhaps a wall clock, some magnets for your refrigerator, and a few decorative plates to hang on the wall is a great place to start. Then locate some dishtowels and oven mitts to round out your other finds and now you’ve got a small collection to showcase in your kitchen.

If you’re ready for a bigger change, choose one of the many wallpaper or wall border patterns that feature roosters. Patterns run from small and simple to large and lively. Roosters can be found on place mats, dishes, mugs, glasses, and even some serving utensils. The only limits are those in your imagination.

As with any decorating style, it is essential to know how much is “too much.” This is different for everyone, but a good rule of thumb to use is that if you are going to cover your wall with a certain print, the accessory choices should accentuate the wall, but not overpower it. While purchasing rooster wallpaper, oven mitts, dishes, and accent pieces might be excessive, a few carefully chosen decorative pieces along with a strong color choice can create an outstanding and beautiful kitchen.

Roosters provide a majestic presence that brings a bit of the farm into your home without a loud announcement of the coming day at the break of dawn!

Christi Vega is the owner of where you’ll find rooster themed items to decorate your home and garden. Subscribe to her newsletter and receive special product updates and discounts.

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