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Refinish Kitchen Cabinets or Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

You can refinish kitchen cabinets for less money than refacing them and refinishing can also be a do it yourself job .... If you have the time and patience. To reface kitchen cabinets requires a professional but will give you more of a change then refinishing. So how do you know which is right for you?

First off, if you are going to refinish kitchen cabinets yourself, be prepared to have a kitchen that is not working at full capacity for a couple of weeks. You'll probably be eating out a lot so add that into the cost. If you also work and will only be doing the refinishing on nights and weekends, it could take several weeks. The most time consuming way to refinish the cabinets would be to strip the finish off the wood and then restain and seal the wood. This is the most risky and may not come out looking as you pictured. It's probably best to leave this type of refinish up to a professional.

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Another route you could take to refinish kitchen cabinets is to paint them. This could be done by the homeowner and, while a large and time consuming project, is relatively easy. Bright paints combined with flashy cabinet knobs can really liven up a dull kitchen and you can do it all yourself!

If you choose to reface kitchen cabinets, you will need to hire a professional. This is more expensive but you will have a larger selection of finishes can get the look of pretty much any kind of wood that you want. You can also get a nice laminate and even pure white. In refacing, the cabinets are refaced in a layer of veneer or laminate. It ends up looking like you got a whole new set of cabinets!

You should only choose to refinish kitchen cabinets, or reface kitchen cabinets if your cabinets are in good condition. If they are rotting away and falling apart neither of these fixes will help and you will probably need to spring for new cabinets. However, if your cabinets are in good condition (especially under the sinks where it tends to get wet), either of these methods can revitalize your kitchen and add years to the cabinets life!

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