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Mexican Style Kitchens

Mexican style kitchens can be fun and colorful and it's easy to turn your kitchen into a Mexican fiesta! By adding some bright splashes of color and pottery accents you can get a Mexican look. You can choose to spends lots and do a whole kitchen remake, or just change a few things to give it a new feel. Here’s some ideas on what you can do to give your kitchen a Mexican flair:
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Cabinets are an expensive part of any kitchen and for that reason, most people don't want to muck around with them. If, however, you have outdated or low quality cabinets anyway, you may want to consider changing them when you redecorate. To add Mexican style to your cabinets, you could paint them bright colors or add a Mexican type stencil. If you like the look of wood, consider a rustic style of wood which will go best with the Mexican look. Something with a chiseled type of edge and wrought iron hardware. If you are keeping your cabinets, you might consider changing just the knobs to ceramics with a bright design.

Accents for your Mexican Style Kitchen At Our Accessories Showcase

Mexican style accents include chunky potter pieces and bright colored tiles. You can create a mini theme by buying decorated pottery in matching patterns or styles - the Tonala pottery is beautifully decorated and you can get many unique pieces and don't overlook vintage Mexican pottery and linens as well. If you prefer a more simple look, you can buy plain potter jugs and bowls to warm up your room and add character.

Add Mexican style to your kitchen floor with splashy throw rugs in bright colors. Coordinate this with your curtains, and other colored areas such as walls and cabinets so you don’t make the room too busy with color. If you want to redo the whole floor, large tiles in a brick or stucco yellow would work nicely.

Mexican tiles in bright colors will add character and style to your kitchen walls. You can use them just for a backsplash, only over the stove or along the whole wall. If you are redoing your countertops, you could use them in the counter but I think that tile for counters is a bit impractical as crumbs and gunk tend to get stuck in the grout and they are a bear to clean. You can hang Mexican plates in wrought iron holders on the walls or include some great artwork or posters with Mexican themes. Some iron grates hung up for accent pieces can look very interesting as well and you can buy those new these days, or invest in a real antique. If you want to repaint or rework the walls, a stucco faux painting or real stucco texture on the walls will really give the room a Mexican kitchen feel.

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