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A Kitchen Decorating Idea Guide :: Decorating Knobs For Kitchen Cabinets

How To Decorate Knobs For Kitchen Cabinets

Decorating knobs for kitchen cabinets can be a fun and inexpensive way to give your old cabinets a face lift. Even a small change like painting them a bright color that is complimentary to your decorating theme can make a huge change. You can decorate them with designs that match your décor as well - even if you don't have any artistic talent!

Check out all the different designs of Knobs you can use to spruce up your kitchen decor.

Knobs for kitchen cabinets can be made from many materials - the easiest to decorate are wood, glass or ceramic. If you want to decorate the knobs with an image, you'll obviously need knobs that are large enough for the image. Wooden knobs can be painted with regular acrylic craft paint, but glass or ceramic would require enamel paints made specially for slick surfaces but just as easy to use as any other type of paint!

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The first step in decorating knobs for kitchen cabinets is to decide with you want to do with the knobs. Is your kitchen a carribean style? Then maybe you'll want to paint them bright aqua. How about a rooster theme? Maybe stamping a little rooster silhouette on them will add some charm. For a country theme, you could paint each knob with a different flower. The list is endless, just use your imagination and I'm sure you'll come up with a clever design that is unique to your kitchen!

Prepare your knobs for kitchen cabinets by lightly sanding if they are wood. For glass or ceramic, follow the instructions on the paint which is usually just to wash them and rub with a bit of rubbing alcohol then let dry. After the knobs are prepared, you are ready to decorate.

Painting your knobs for kitchen cabinets 1 solid color is the easiest way to change the look of your knobs. You can also paint an image or silhouette on them free hand. If you want, you can draw the image first on cardboard, then cut that out and trace the outline on the knob to keep all the images the same size. The other method is to find a rubber stamp that is the size of your knob and simply paint the stamp and stamp it on. You can also decoupage or blue on decals or cut out pieces of wallpaper and paste them on.

To finish off your painting, be sure to brush on some varnish or sealer for acrylic paints. Give it several coats so that you will be able to clean them off without removing your beautiful artwork!

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