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Add Storage With A Kitchen Window Seat

A kitchen window seat can be a great focal point as well as add in some extra storage space. Not all kitchen can accommodate a window seat – you will need to have the extra space and of course, a window!

One thing to think about when adding a window seat to your kitchen is if you have enough clearance to put the seat in. If the window along your traffic pattern, you will need to have about 5 feet in front of the window in order to leave enough clearance for the seat and about 3 feet of aisle space. If you have less space, you can make the seat be a bit narrower, but usually the seat should be about 2 feet wide.

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The other consideration is what is beside the window. If it is recessed in a little nook in the kitchen, this is perfect but if it isn’t you don’t want the seat to just be floating in front of the window, so you should think about installing cupboards or shelves on either side which will give the seat a more anchored look and give you even more storage space!

And finally, consider what is underneath the window. Is there a heat register or intake? If so you will have to accommodate for this by extending the register to the kick plate of the window seat. You can simply extend the ductwork from the register to the kickplate and install a new register (or even use the same one) on the outside of the seats kick plate.

If you are building a window seat, one easy way to add storage to your kitchen is to cabinets as the seat base. You’ll want to use an upper cabinet that is shorter like those made for above the refrigerator. Install them on a little base and add a cushion and you’ve got some extra kitchen cabinet space and a cute place to sit!

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