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Kitchen Window Decorating With Blinds

Your kitchen window decorating ideas can add a ton of class and character to your overall kitchen scheme. Sometimes we forget about the windows and tend to just throw up some curtains, but you can actually put up some clever blinds that add to the décor and serve to emphasize that great view our your window.

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Everyone loves tons of light in the kitchen and one way to maximize that is to install blinds in the window instead of curtains. You don't have to spend a ton of money either - even plain old shades can be made decorative with stenciling, wallpaper and adding cute trims to the bottom of the shade.

Roman Blinds - Roman blinds are lengths of fabric that fold up to sit at the top inset of the window and can be released to cover the window for privacy at night. You can make them yourself from fabric that matches your kitchen decorating theme. If you aren’t that crafty, you can purchase plain ones and jazz them up by adding a decorative border around the edges. You can use these alone to decorate your kitchen windows or add a swag across the top to soften it up.

Austrian Blinds - Austrian blinds are gathered at the bottom in a puffy scalloped design. They are perfect for a café kitchen decorating theme. When pulled up, they form a swag like window treatment at the top of the window.

Roller Blinds - These simple blinds are what we think of as old fashioned with a piece of fabric that "rolls" down from a spring loaded cylinder. They are inexpensive and can be decorated with paint or you can glue on beads or fancy trim. Since only the bottom is visible in the day time when the shade is up, you can add on a fancy scalloped edge or even edge a couple of inches on the bottom with a fabric that matches your decorating theme. Since the roller mechanism is kind of ugly, you might want to consider using a valance to hide the tip of this kitchen window treatment.

Slotted Blinds - The metal or plastic thin slotted blinds that pull up and down via rope are out, but you can buy some really nice wooden or high quality plastic ones to provide privacy and look good. The tops of these have little decorative value so consider a swag or valance to spruce up the tops of your kitchen windows – remember to pick a fabric or color that matches your kitchen décor.

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