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Kitchen Window Covering Styles

There’s several kitchen window covering styles you can choose from when redecorating your kitchen windows. The covering style that you pick depends on your overall kitchen theme, and the size and shape of your window.

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Valances - A valance works on virtually and kind of window but is better if you have an informal kitchen decorating style. Valances can be used alone or with side curtains. Valances cover only the very top of the window and can hang straight with a straight edge, have a scalloped edge or be puffy. You can make an easy valance out of any type of fabric and a curtain rod or pole. Simply drape the fabric over the pole – hold it in place with self stick fasteners or staples. You can create a more flowing valance by taking a length of fabric and winding it loosely around the rod then letting the ends hang down beside the window. One way to customize your valance is to sew, tack or staple on a decorative edging at the bottom. Use something that fits in with your kitchen theme like dangling grapes for a fruit or wine theme, puffy frou frou edging for a paris café theme or vintage puffy ball edging for a retro theme.

Swags - Swags are a more formal window covering which you might not want unless you have a very formal kitchen. They may look good in a grand antique home or formal kitchen setting. Swags are like a valance in that they only cover the top of the window, but they are not straight on the bottom but rather dip down in 1, 2 or 3 swoops. On the sides of the windows, a folded tail of fabric hangs down. You can use these in conjunction with side panels but that would be a bit much for a kitchen.

Tie backs - The traditional kitchen curtain that hangs down the side of the window and is “tied back” with matching material can be made much more interesting with the addition of some trim. Instead of using the covering material as a tie back, make one out of something unique that matches your kitchen theme. Maybe some vintage trim, some silk flowers or ivy, strings of beads, silk scarves or something metallic? Depending on where you place the ties, you can change the look of your window. If you want your window to look taller and more narrow, put the ties higher up. If you want the window to look shorter, place them lower down. Either way, make sure your ties are long enough to hold the window covering gently in place without pulling too tight and creasing the fabric.

Sheers - Sheers are light and breezy and will compliment most decorating schemes. Choose a color that blends in with the kitchen – if you have a tuscan decorating theme then you might want to choose window sheers in a beige or earth tone as opposed to white. A retro or Victorian decorating theme might call for white. You can hang the sheers as a panel or buy long pieces of fabric and drape them around a pole to cover the edge of the window if you want to leave the window view exposed. Using long panels that go to the floor will make your window appear longer. For a romantic or Victorian look, don’t stop at just one window panel – drape layers of sheers for a flowy effect.

Café Curtains - Café curtains are typically better for shorter windows, windows in doors and those over the sink. You can do some interesting things with these window coverings. If you have a vintage decorating theme you can use vintage tea towels, or even cut up tablecloths with those bright and unique vintage prints to hang either from a rod, or from clips or rings. Using unique shaped rings to hang plain fabrics can accent a modern or theme kitchen. Use a matching valance at the top if this window covering makes your kitchen windows look a bit bare.

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