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Use Kitchen Wall Tiles For A Splashy Backsplash

Kitchen wall tiles come in many shapes, colors and designs. You can add an inexpensive designer focal point in your kitchen by creating a backsplash using a few expensive designer tiles combined with plain tiles. You could go with tiles that have artwork on them, or use solid color tiles but display them in an interesting pattern. Some bright tiles might liven up an otherwise monochromatic decorating scheme.

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You can install kitchen wall tile yourself pretty easily. You will need to figure out what area you want tiled, the pattern you want the tiles in and prepare the area. I would experiment with the tiles before you start sticking them to the wall so that you know exactly how they will be configured.

Make sure that you prepare the wall properly by washing it down and making sure it is straight, level and free from any nails or other debris. Check the label on your tile adhesive and follow any special instructions for wall preparation that they list. Also, check with your tile supplier to make sure you are using the right adhesive - typically a mastic will be sufficient but some tiles do require special adhesive so be sure to double check.

You'll want to lay in the kitchen wall tiles starting from the center, so you'll need to measure your wall and mark off the center point. Draw your tile in with the point in the center and make any special marks you feel are necessary to help you lay out the design. You could draw out the whole design on the wall (recommended) so you will know exactly where to place each tile. Apply the adhesive as recommended on the label and place the tiles on the wall, twisting them a bit to set it in place.

After the kitchen wall tiles are all in place and the adhesive has dried over night, you will want to apply the grout between the tiles. This is done by rubbing the grout into the crevices with a rubber float. Work it at an angle until the cracks are filled. Allow the grout to set for 15 minutes and carefully, wipe any excess with a damp cloth. After about 45 minutes you can use the sponge to polish off the filmy haze from the tiles being careful not to dig any grout out from the crevices. Use a clean towel to polish the tile. You can use a grout sealer per manufacturers instructions as your final step.

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