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Add A Kitchen Wallpaper Border For A Whole New Look

Just adding a kitchen wallpaper border can give your room a whole new look without much cost or effort! If you are not going to change anything else in the room you will need to select a border that goes with what you already have so that the room does not look too disconnected. If you want to do a mini theme change, select a border you like and then buy some new accessories to go with it.

If your kitchen doesn't exactly have a style than you could select a kitchen wallpaper border that matches the predominant colors in the room, or one that goes with the architectural style of the house. If your house is an antique then maybe a floral or old world style pattern would be nice. A contemporary might benefit from a abstract or impressionist style design. Whatever you choose, don't forget to take into consideration the colors in the flooring and the paint on the trim as you wouldn’t want to get wallpaper that clashed!

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If you want to do a bit more and incorporate a whole theme into your kitchen without doing a big expensive remodel, you can pick out a kitchen wallpaper border that has the theme you want. Then you could buy some cabinet pulls that also match the theme (if you picked cats, you could get pulls in the shape of a cat etc…). Then to pull it together buy accessories that match as well such as a cookie jar, curtains, canisters and some knick knacks - if you have space between your cabinets and ceiling think about buying some themed collectibles that you could display on top of the cabinets. Finally to really pull it all together get a couple of little rugs for in from of the doorway and sink that match the border or our theme. Using this method you can get a whole new look without spending thousands!

To install a kitchen wallpaper border, first pick the spot you want it to be. Common areas are at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling or at chair rail height. You can also put them under the cabinets like a backsplash or anywhere you think they will look good. They are easy to put up – follow the manufacturers instructions which usually consist of cleaning the area where the border will be placed, then soaking the border in water to activate the glue. Finally you will carefully put the border in place and smooth out any bubbles. Be careful to match your seams and you've got a great look!

If you have spent hours scouring the local stores for that perfect kitchen wallpaper border, then why not try the internet? It lends itself quite nicely to purchasing wallpaper and you get it delivered right to your door! You can find a much larger selection than you would locally and our recommended merchants have secure ordering systems so your private information stays private>

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