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Pros and Cons of Kitchen Tile Floors

Kitchen tile floors are beautiful but the also have several draw backs. If you are thinking about a tile floor, then you may want to consider some of the benefits and drawbacks of this type of flooring. There are many kinds of tile, and some can be quite expensive so take this into account as well. Some popular types of tile are ceramic, porcelain and natural stone such as slate or marble.

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Pros Of Kitchen Tile Floors

  • Durability - tile is extremely durable and will stand up to most anything. You might have to worry abut it cracking or chipping if a heavy skillet is dropped on it, so keep some extra tiles on hand!
  • Selection - There's a bazillion colors and patterns so you can get most anything you want.
  • Application - Kitchen tile floors can be used in almost any type of home including ones with radiant heat in the subfloor.
  • Cleanibility - This is really a pro and a con depending on what you use for grout. The tile itself is easy to clean and will keep it's looks for a long time. I have granite tile flooring in my kitchen and it always looks great even if I don't wash it for weeks! Depending on the pattern it can hide all the accumulated dirt and crumbs.

    Cons Of Kitchen Tile Floors

  • Safety - glazed tile tends to be quite slippery and can be somewhat of a hazard in the kitchen (you can get unglazed tile but you will need to treat it periodically)
  • Cleanability - If you use a light grout, it can get dirty and dingy looking over time. A grout sealer might help but you may find yourself scrubbing the grout lines on your hands and knees!
  • Comfort - Tile floors are hard, so if you are standing in the kitchen for long periods of time, you may find them to be uncomfortable.
  • Damage - Tiles are kind of brittle and can crack so you will want to make sure you have some extra on hand to replace any cracked ones with.

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