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Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Here's some clever kitchen storage ideas that won't cost you a bundle!

I don't care how big your kitchen is, almost everyone wishes they had more storage space. But what can you do to get more storage out of the space you have? By making a few changes and organizing things better, you can almost double the storage space that you have and make it easier to work in the kitchen to boot!

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Store Pots and Dishes Out Of The Cabinet

You can free up some cabinet storage by finding other spots for your pots, pans, dishes and stemware. A pot rack that hangs over your kitchen island is a great way to store your pots and pans and they'll be handy for cooking too. Your stemware can be stored in a rack as well – mounted under the counter or above the island the glasses hang upside down by their bases just like in a bar. For your dishes, consider a plate rack where they can be stored side by side, or built shelves on the kitchen wall with plate racks to display the plates. If you don't think your kitchenware is pretty enough to display outside the cabinets, why not splurge on some new cookware or plates that you'll be proud to show off!

Store Add Some Furniture

If you have the space in your kitchen you can buy a moveable kitchen island that you can wheel out for food prep and then store out of the way when you want. Most of these have extra drawers and a cabinet base for additional storage.

If you've got an alcove or unused piece of wall, think about adding a bakers rack on which you can store all your great dinnerware and mixing bowls, even your mugs and teacups will look nice and you can use this display to add to your kitchen décorating theme by incorporating some of your matching towels and pot holders.

Get Organized

A little bit of organization can add a lot of storage to your kitchen. Plus when things are better organized in your cabinets, you'll be able to find them easier! Some great ways to organize include using a circular lazy susan in a corner cabinet, hanging a spice rack on the inside of the cabinet door, and using slide out drawers in your bottom cabinets. If you are on a tight budget you can get inexpensive metal racks that sit inside the kitchen cabinets and have shelves for pans and baking sheets which will greatly increase your storage without decreasing your bank account.

Make Good Use Of Space

The space right underneath your cabinets is kind of a waste - you don't really need it for food prep, it's just empty air so why not use it to increase your storage! You can buy under the cabinet appliances that attach to the bottom of the cabinet and free up counter or cabinet space. Also, try putting hooks under the cabinet to hang tea cups or mugs, dish towels or linens.

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