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Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchen pendant lighting can add a nice touch to your décor and also light up your kitchen! Pendant lights are lights that hang down from the ceiling, usually on a long chain or decorative wire. They come in all different designs and sizes to suite your needs. You may want to go with one large light over an eating area or 3 smaller lights along an island.

To install kitchen pendant lighting, you want to make sure they hang about 25" above a tabletop, or if you are using mini pendants mount these about 20" above the surface. You can buy an adjustable track to mount the pendants on so that you can move them around to the best placement at the time.

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While kitchen pendant lighting is great for areas like breakfast nooks and tables, you won't want to light your kitchen solely with these types of lights. You'll also need task lighting, usually from under the cabinets, to highlight your work areas where you will be chopping vegetables and preparing foods. In order to keep the kitchen bright you will also want some ceiling lights - recessed lighting that you can direct to certain areas works best for that.

If you have spent hours scouring the local stores for perfect the perfect lighting, then why not try the internet? It lends itself quite nicely to purchasing lighting and you get delivery right to your door! You can find a much larger selection than you would locally and our recommended merchants have secure ordering systems so your private information stays private>

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