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Kitchen Paint Idea - Change The Size Of Your Kitchen With Paint

Use this kitchen paint idea to make a large kitchen seem small and a small kitchen seem larger!

All colors (except the neutrals – white, black and gray) are a mixture of the basic 3 colors – red, yellow and blue. Every color can be made from these if you mix them in varying amounts – add some black or white for different tonal values. Luckily for you, you can select the kitchen paint from swatches at the paint store and you don’t need to experiment with mixing colors yourself. When picking out color combinations, bring home a bunch of swatches – ones that are the same basic color as your main paint color and ones that are also complimentary.

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Make a large kitchen appear more cozy

Colors can make objects appear closer or farther away. Colors that are mixed from the reds and yellows and even into the violet range are advancing colors. When you paint your kitchen with one of these colors it will appear as if the walls are “advancing”. If you paint these colors on your kitchen walls, it will make the kitchen warm and inviting but will also make the room appear smaller. This is a good idea if you have a large kitchen and you want it to look more cozy.

Make a small kitchen look bigger

The greens, blues and deep purple colors are called “receding” colors. If you paint your kitchen with these colors it will make the walls look further away, and thus the room appear larger. If your ceilings are low, using a subtle vertical stripe on your kitchen walls by painting the wall a matt color, masking off stripes and painting a glossy finish or glaze in between can have the effect of lengthening the walls. Also, consider painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, or extending the color of the wall paint a bit on to the kitchen ceiling sort of like a border. This idea is not often used but can be effective for gaining height in a small kitchen. Adding mirrors in strategic places, such as opposite a door or window can also add space to your kitchen

When choosing colors for your kitchen, make sure your accessories, table linens and plates look good with the color of paint you have chosen. Having too many primary colors in the same room will make it look busy which can be a great look if you are showing off vintage dishes like fiesta ware or just like a busy cheerful kitchen. IF your idea of cooking is to relax, then you might want to use 1 main color and accent with another complimentary color to add interest.

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