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Tips For Making A Kitchen Office

A kitchen office provides a little space for you to pay bills, answer emails and look up recipes on the internet while you are preparing meals but you don't want it to get in the way of normal kitchen activity.

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Any office needs a desk space and, these days, a computer and the one in your kitchen is no exception. Therefore, you'll need to have a kitchen that is large enough and has some additional space to accommodate a small office area. Just a 3 foot long space can be enough, but it will have to be out of the way of the food prep area. Also, you need to make sure there are no kitchen cabinets underneath the desk area as that is where you will be sitting and you need the space for you legs – a cabinet above is fine and could add to your kitchen storage or be used to store office supplies.

These days some kitchens are designed complete with an office area that has matching counters, but if your not so lucky, you may have to add a little spot in the corner of your kitchen. If you can't get matching countertops, try something with a butcher block top which goes with anything in the kitchen.

Another thing to consider is electrical outlets and internet connection (unless, of course, you have a wireless network!). You want to make sure that both are handy to the office area. It won't do to be running wires all over the kitchen so make sure you can get power and internet to that area before starting the office project. Consider also, your seating. You'll want a chair that is comfortable, but also looks nice with your kitchen theme.

If it's not possible to have a permanent office area in your kitchen, consider one of these moveable kitchen island they can be stored in a corner out of the way and then pulled out for use. If you do use this as an office, make sure there is room underneath for your legs when you sit at it. This can also double as extra work space and can be convenient if you are using a laptop, but probably won't work so well with a desktop computer as you would have to keep moving it from your temporary office area to make way for kitchen prep work.

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