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Kitchen Lighting Arrangement

Your kitchen lighting arrangement is important for the successful illumination of each kitchen area. You probably know that you need separate general and task lighting but do you know how to arrange the lighting? Putting the correct fixtures in the right place will make your workload and play in the kitchen much easier.

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If you are planning a kitchen remodel, it is best to think about your kitchen lighting arrangement ahead of time. That way you can plan for where you want the lights to go from the beginning with the least amount of disruption. If you are simply adding new lights then you will have to work with what you have in the ceiling. For recessed lighting you'll want to note where the joists are and make sure you get the right kind of can for your ceiling.

When thinking about a new kitchen lighting arrangement, you will want to consider 3 elements – general, task, and accent lighting.

General Lighting
These are the fixtures that add light evenly to the whole room. Not specified in one spot but a bright general lighting. The arrangement depends on the size of your kitchen, your budget and your personal taste and can be anything from a simple long fluorescent light in the middle of the room to a row of designer pendant lights along the center of an island. Whatever you choose, make sure it lights the room evenly.

Task Lighting
Task lighting focuses on the work areas - the counters, sink, stove and (if you have one), island. Your kitchen lighting arrangement for this can be either under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, or track lighting. Make sure the lighting is focused on the area you need to work in and that it is bright so that you can see while chopping vegetable and preparing foods.

Accent Lighting
Accent lighting is just that - to accent a focal point. It is not necessary but can add some drama to the room. You can use lighting to highlight a specific area of the room that has a special architectural feature, or to accent a special decoration in the room. Table lamps that add to your décor can be added as accent lighting as well as little string of white Christmas lights which look especially good in plants.

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