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Kitchen Layouts That Are Right For Your Home

If you are remodeling, there are many kitchen layouts to chose from, but how do you know which one is right for your space? You want to consider function and purpose when choosing a layout. Is the kitchen for 1 cook or more than 1? Do you want it to be a gathering place where everyone can be there with the cook? What size space do you have for the kitchen? All these need to be considered before you make a final decision.

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Kitchen layouts are in 4 basic “shapes”:

  • Along 1 wall
  • Along 2 opposing walls or galley style
  • L shaped
  • U shaped You can also add an island to the last 2 designs provided there is enough space to leave 42” of aisle space on each side.

    So how do you select one of these kitchen layouts?

    Well first let consider the space you have to put them in. If the area for your kitchen is very small then you’ll probably need to go with all cabinets along 1 wall. This is often seen in a studio apartment or camp where the rest of the room is open. If the space is a narrow “hallway” type space or an L that juts out from the house you might consider having the cabinets along 2 walls – you will need to have 48” of aisle in between the rows of cabinets, otherwise it will be very cramped and difficult to work in. An L shaped kitchen is a good use of space and easy to work in if your room is more square and if it is larger than 8’ X 8’, you can fit a U shaped kitchen which adds to your storage and counter space.

    When reviewing kitchen layouts, You may want to consider the function for your kitchen. Does one person do the cooking, or are there 2 or more chefs in the kitchen at the same time. Maybe no one cooks and the kitchen is simply for microwaving takeout. If the latter is the case, then I would go with a galley or 1 wall kitchen and you can use the saved space to add on to another room – no sense in having a big kitchen if no one cooks in it! On the other hand if there are 2 cooks, you’ll want either an L or U shaped kitchen with plenty of counter space for each person to work. If you can, think about adding in an island with a second sink – this makes it so much easier when multiple people are preparing food.

    Your kitchen layouts selection should also consider the purpose of the kitchen. Do you want family guests to gather in it or is it mainly to hide dirty dishes away from view? If you want a room where everyone can gather when meals are prepared, then the L or U shaped kitchen should be your choice. Be sure to include an eating bar with plenty of stools so that everyone can join in the fun.

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