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Designing Functional Kitchen Floor Plans

When choosing from kitchen floor plans, you want to think about how your family uses the space and pick a plan that will be most functional for your family. Your floor plan consists basically of the layout of the cabinets and, perhaps, a table if it is an eat in kitchen. There’s basically 5 different “shapes” in which you can configure your cabinets.

Cabinets Along One Wall
This is the simplest configuration with just one wall of cabinets. You might want this if you have a long narrow kitchen. This is the least functional of the plans. If your kitchen floor plans call for this type of a layout, make sure the sink is in the center with the oven and fridge close by so the cook can easily prepare the food. Also make sure you have enough counter space between appliances – a common mistake is to put only 8” to a foot between appliances and there is not much you can do with that little space. This type of layout is not conducive to family gatherings in the kitchen unless you have a larger area where you can put a table and chairs – even then, your back will be to everyone as you are preparing the food.

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Galley Kitchen
This style of kitchen floor plans features a long narrow kitchen with cabinets and counters on either side. This style is efficient on space but can be difficult to work in as the traffic flow cuts right through the middle of where you are trying to prepare the food. The configuration makes it a little easier to prepare food in than the “once wall” configuration, but it does not leave any room for family or friends to join in the fun. The typical galley kitchen is narrow with walls on either side, but I once had a galley kitchen where only one side had walls and the other was open to the rest of the kitchen. On the open side we had the stove and on the other side of the counter from that we had an eating counter with stools – that way someone could be at the stove heating thing up and the others could be facing them on their stools ready to eat! (there was a 5” backsplash between the stove and eating counter for safety) It was a great configuration and one you might consider if you have an informal style of eating in your family. It kept us together longer at meal times as we could all be talking while I was cooking. In this style kitchen, it is best to place the sink and stove on one side of the galley and the fridge on the other.

L Shaped Kitchen
L shaped kitchen floor plans can make good use of space and be a lot easier to work in. Try to locate the appliances close to the middle of the L, but leave plenty of counter space in between each appliance so the cook has space to work on. If one end of the L is open to another room, you can add bar stools and make it a counter - this type of kitchen is great for having family and friends gather while you are preparing the food.

U Shaped Kitchen
If your kitchen floor plans call for a U shaped kitchen, make sure you have plenty of space – at least 8’ X 8’ and preferably more. This kitchen layout can maximize storage in the least amount of space, but can be hard for more than 1 person to cook in at a time. To add a spot where family and friends can gather, you can put a table at the open end of the U (if space allows), or open up one of the sides of the U and place bar stools on the opposite side. In a U shaped kitchen, the major appliances (sink, fridge, stove) should each be placed each on one leg of the U.

An island can be incorporated into any of the kitchen floor plans above if you have enough room and they can add to the ease of cooking in kitchens that are rather large as you can locate a sink or stove on the island and have it near the other appliances for ease of use in cooking and preparing food. If you want to include an island in your kitchen design, make sure you leave 42” of aisle space on all sides. If your kitchen is too small to allow for this, try a portable island that you can move in and out as needed. Islands are great places to have an extra appliance or add an eating counter.

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