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Choosing Practical Kitchen Floor Coverings

When choosing kitchen floor coverings for your new kitchen, you'll want to consider the use and abuse the area gets before making a final decision. There are several materials that you can use for your floor so you'll want to pick one that is easy to clean and comfortable if you will be standing for long hours while preparing meals.

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We do not recommend wall to wall carpet for kitchen floor coverings as they are not easy to clean and hold stains and smells, plus they are not very hygienic to have around your food prep area. We do, however recommend little area rugs that are easily washed and can add to your comfort when standing on a harder surface floor. Area rugs can also add to your décor and help to tie in a whole decorating theme.

Stone and tile are another popular type of kitchen floor coverings. These kinds of floors are very durable and easy to clean. I have granite tiles in my kitchen floor and it is great at hiding dirt and crumbs! These floors can be rather hard so if you drop a lot of glasses or plates expect a bit of breakage. They can be hard to stand on too - but that is where those cute little area rugs come in!

Hardwood floors are quickly becoming a popular choice for kitchen flooring. This type of floor goes with almost any decorating scheme and adds warmth to your kitchen. It is easy to clean but make sure you get a very hard wood so that it won't scar if you drop a heavy pan on it. You do have to be a bit more careful with wood floors as they can become stained If water seeps in to them.

Vinyl and Linoleum are probably the most common kitchen floor coverings. You can buy them rather inexpensively (or you can buy expensive ones too if you want!) and you can even install them yourself. They wipe clean quite easily and are softer than tiles or stone.

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