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Kitchen Curtains - Your Decorating Final Touch

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Kitchen curtains add that final touch to your decorating scheme but they don't have to be the last thing you buy. In fact, you could base your whole decorating theme on curtains that you fell in love with. It doesn’t matter when you incorporate them, it only matters that they add and not detract from the theme.

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Kitchen curtains come in all kinds of colors, shapes and materials. From your grandmother's lacy panels to short bistro valance in denim, you can get any kind of curtain to match your decorating scheme. Here's some basic rules to think about when selecting curtains for your kitchen:

  • Don't go overboard - If your room already has a lot of pattern in the walls and flooring, a simple plain curtain will look better. Then again if the rest of the room is plain a patterned curtain will add some spice.
  • Coordinate your colors - Buy curtains in colors that match the other colors in the room, or if you have a theme like a grapes theme or ducks theme you it might be nice to get curtains with a grapes (or ducks) pattern.
  • Don't Get Out Of Style- Buy the style of curtain that matches with the style of your kitchen. A Victorian style kitchen is just begging for lace panels while a sleek contemporary might look better with a short café curtain in a modern style fabric.
  • Size them right - Fit your kitchen curtains to the window - most curtains should hang just below the end of the window and a valance should cover the top of the window casing.

    If you have spent hours scouring the local stores for perfect kitchen curtains, then why not try the internet? It lends itself quite nicely to purchasing curtains and you get them delivered right to your door! You can find a much larger selection than you would locally and our recommended merchants have secure ordering systems so your private information stays private

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