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Kitchen Counter Bar Stool

A kitchen counter bar stool can be a great place to enjoy lunch, snacks and meals. It comes in handy when talking on the phone, chatting with the cook and even as a place to rest the shopping bag when you get in the door.

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Did you know that your kitchen counter bar stool will be most comfortable if you buy one that is the correct height for your counter? A stool that is too tall will have you hunched over the counter to get to your food and one that is too short sill leave you feeling like a little kid at the adults table.

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Luckily, there are some basic rules to picking a kitchen counter bar stool that fits right with your counter. Stools typically come in 24", 26", 30"; and 34"; so how do you know which one to buy? Ideally, you will want 8" to 12" of space between the seat of the stool and the counter or table. If your counter or table is standard kitchen counter height then a 24" to 26" stool will do. Taller tables and counters will need larger stools. You might want to experiment with a regular chair and some padding to raise it up (like a book or some blocks of wood) to get a feel for what your most comfortable height is.

Choosing Style and Comfort - Wood or metal? Arms or no arms? Swivel or stationary? Back rest or no back? Stools come in many designs and you need to balance matching your decor with comfort. I would say that comfort is key here - don't buy the really snazzy cool one that is uncomfortable unless you don't really plan on sitting in it! Try to match style to your design - a contemporary kitchen will look great with a sleek modern Italian design but a country kitchen would do better with your standard ladderback.

Choosing Color and Materials - Match the color and materials of your kitchen counter bar stool to the décor of your kitchen. You can usually get a selection of seat coverings for upholstered stools so you can select one that matches your kitchen colors. Some kitchen designs can get away with a nice wrought iron stool (such as French, Italian, Caribbean and even a lodge design), while others will do much better with wood or veneer. If you can, try to match the wood to the woods in your cabinetry and other furniture.

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