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Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

Kitchen ceiling lighting can be used for general or task lighting. You can purchase many different kinds of ceiling fixtures that can compliment your decorating scheme, but always make sure the lights are also functional and provide enough lighting for the task at hand. You will need both general and task lighting in your kitchen. General lighting should light up the whole room evenly and task lighting should highlight an area such as a section of countertop, the sink or the stove.

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Kitchen ceiling lighting fixtures come in many colors shapes and sizes and each type has a specific task. Before you finalize your kitchen lighting design, use the guide below to make sure you are using the right type of lighting and that you have planned for enough.

Flourescent Light Tube
For general lighting a long fluorescent light in the middle of the room is sufficient (but not very decorative). Depending on the size of your kitchen you may need more than 1 so the key is to make sure it lights the entire room. It will not work for task lighting so you will have to add some under counter lighting for this.

Ceiling Fan
This can be used to cool the room as well as for general kitchen ceiling lighting. You will need to make sure the lights are bright enough to light the entire room and if not you will want to add some other general lighting - like perhaps pendant lighting - in the dim parts of the room. You will also need to add in another light source for your task lighting.

Pendant Lighting
Pendants can be functional as well as decorative. If you are using these for your kitchen ceiling lighting, make sure you hang enough of them to provide good general lighting. It looks nice to have a row of 3 hanging over an island and one over the table. You will have to add task lighting in addition to these types of lights.

Recessed Lighting
Recessed into the ceiling, you can purchase many different types of this kind of lighting. Usually the lights can be moved to be "directed" at a certain area. Use this lighting for task lighting and direct the light towards the counters, sink and stove. Since they are recessed into the ceiling, you will need to cut a hole in the ceiling for each light so plan carefully. These usually do not provide enough general lighting so you will want to think about including some other type of light in your plan.

Track Lighting
This type of kitchen ceiling lighting consists of a track which has lights attached to it. Usually the lights are moveable so you can arrange them along the track as you see fit. They are very effective for task and accent lighting and can also add to the décor. Don't plan on just this type of lighting alone though as you will also need some sort of general lighting in your kitchen.

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