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Kitchen Cabinet Trim Can Change The Look Of Your Cabinets

If you have plain old boring cabinets, you can use kitchen cabinet trim, feet or moldings to give your kitchen a whole new look. You can buy trims, moldings and other accessories in finishes that match your existing cabinets - simply add on the trims and change the whole look of your cabinets. In our cabinet trims and mouldings showcase, you can see what type of things are available.

Cabinet Side Trim and Moldings

Moldings and trim come in several designs. For a simple look, you can try a split dowel molding that just adds a touch of interest to the sides of your kitchen cabinet. For something a bit more classical there is a Corinthian fluted trim molding. For an antique look, you might want to try adding some beaded molding with rosette trim. A split rope molding for the tops and sides of your cabinets can give them an elegant rich appeal. Trims come in unfinished oak, maple or cherry so you can stain them up to match your current kitchen cabinet color.

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Moldings and Galleries For The Tops

Dressing up the tops of our kitchen cabinets can add interest and will help to draw the eye upward and make your ceilings appear taller. You can buy a traditional crown molding or antique looking dentil molding that adds a great look to the top or you can get molding to match the side rope side trims as well. A gallery rail can be installed to add a great look for a country kitchen and give you something to rest decorating ivy, silk flowers or little lights along.


When your trimming the sides and tops of your kitchen cabinets, don't forget about the bottoms. Adding some feet to the bottom edge can give your cabinets the look of nice furniture and is especially nice in an old world tuscan or french country style kitchen. You can even buy funky metal legs that can enhance your contemporary style kitchen.


If your kitchen cabinets have a bump out near the stove, sink or refrigerator (or anywhere for that matter!), you can buy an “add a corner" piece that installs in the corner to create an architecturally pleasing column design. Check out an example of this neat trim in our showcase.

Door Facing

You can even buy trim to change the faces of your kitchen cabinet doors. If you have plain flat doors, you can buy a french provincial style molding that you can put up on the doors which will give them depth and dimension.

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