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Change Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware For a Whole New Look

Changing your kitchen cabinet hardware can give your kitchen some added appeal for minimal effort and cost. They have ceramic cabinet knobs, metal knobs and even glass knobs that will go with any décor. Adding new hardware can spruce up plain cabinets - click here to check out all the different designs!

Ceramic cabinet knobs come in plain and molded shapes. You can get them in most shapes and even decorated ones with floral designs, birds and fruit. You can get metal knobs in almost any shape you want - rustic, vegetables, modern style swirls and sleek slim lines. Metal kitchen cabinet hardware comes in pewter, gold, brass and copper finish.

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When changing kitchen cabinet hardware, you must keep your current shape and style in mind. If your cabinets currently have pulls, you won't want to replace them with single ceramic cabinet knobs unless you plan to do a some drilling and filling of holes. Even this may not be possible unless you can make the filled holes "disappear". Otherwise you may end up having to repaint or refinish the cabinets or look at unsightly spots where the original holes were!

It's probably best to bring along your cabinet knobs or pulls when you shop for new kitchen cabinet hardware - or measure them and shop online!

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