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Kitchen Cabinet Door Style Guide

Selecting a kitchen cabinet door style is an important aspect of your new kitchen design. When considering the type of cabinets, you should keep in mind your overall theme. Is it contemporary? Country? French? Antique? Different styles of cabinet doors go better with your different decorating themes.

Most cabinets are generally broken up into 2 categories – traditional and contemporary. The traditional styles tend to be fancier with raised panel doors and moldings. The contemporary style cabinet doors tend to have more of a flat style with sleek hardware (if any at all). Contemporary kitchen cabinet styles go best with contemporary, thematic (such as grapes, or cherries etc..) and 1940’s or 50’s decorating themes. Traditional cabinet doors go best with antique or old world styles but can also go with thematic styles. He hardware that you choose for the cabinet doors can go a long way to making a contemporary cabinet blend into an old world kitchen and vice versa.

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Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets are usually birch or cherry or other wood that does not have much of a grain. Metal can also be used and laminate cabinets are popular as well. Some have brushed aluminum or metal hardware but others have none. Contemporary cabinet doors can also be flush with the cabinet base for a sleek look.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets are fancier with crown moldings and raised or recessed door panels. There’s plenty of different styles, some with a square molding inset into the door, others have a rounded top molding or recessed panel. Hardware is varied for these types of doors and they can also come in styles that are opened by pulling the door from underneath and have no knobs. These come in any finish and even can come in a “painted” finish.

One new trend in styles is to have kitchen cabinets that look like antique furniture. These are generally painted white, off white or a cream color and emulate what a Victorian kitchen might have – but about 100 times nicer! Cabinet doors have a recessed “molding” that goes around the panel and the upper cabinets have great cornices that look like they are holding up the cabinets. The bottoms have “feet” and the whole thing is accented by glass knobs and pulls.

Some custom cabinet door designs include a mission style design in aged look oak, a style where the cabinet door panels look like old fashioned bead board and a sleek stainless steel style which is very modern and great if you are going for a contemporary or commercial style look.

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