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Creative kitchen backsplash ideas can help add drama to your kitchen, but you also need a material that is easy to clean as this is the area in the kitchen that sees the most action with the splashing of cooking foods and splattering of grease. It can easily turn into an eyesore if it's not made of something that cleans up well, so you need to be practical as well as creative when choosing a backsplash material.

Tile, is the old standby for a kitchen backsplash, but it doesn't have to look like your grandma's kitchen. One idea is to sprinkle your backsplash tile with hand painted tiles with a motif that is unique to your kitchen décor. You can buy tiles with interesting designs, have an artist paint some, or paint them yourself with enamel paints. Look around your kitchen to get some ideas for what might look good in the backsplash area.

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One new idea in kitchen backsplashes is mosaic. This type of design is quite popular for anything from tables, to mirrors and your kitchen backsplash is no exception. You can make it yourself and it's even a great idea to use your otherwise useless chipped or broken dishes that match your kitchen tableware service for a unique effect or just use broken tile or any other material that will be easy to clean. You can even stick in a few interesting doo dahs like shells or other little items here and there for interest.

If you prefer a natural kitchen backsplash, then you may want to go with granite, slate or marble. Any one of these will work great and be easy to clean if properly sealed. If your kitchen counters are a natural material, then a matching backsplash might help to pull the room together.

If your kitchen decorating ideas are more on the contemporary side, then a backsplash of glass or mirrors might look nice. Metals are great to use for a contemporary or industrial kitchen look as well. Copper can reflect a nice warm glow and stainless steel or aluminum look good and are very sanitary. With metal, however you'll need to be careful that you do not scratch it when cleaning - getting a brushed finish will help hide any little scratches. You can also have metal kitchen countertops and cookware to match!

Of course, you can always paint the backsplash - use a washable paint for easy cleanup. But just because your kitchen backsplash is painted doesn't mean it has to be boring! You can stencil on an interesting pattern or even freehand something if you are artistic. Let your creative ideas flow to make the backsplash a unique expression of yourself!

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