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Decorative Kitchen Backsplashes Make a Splash In Your Kitchen

Decorative and unique kitchen backsplashes are a kitchen décor statement that will create a conversation piece in your kitchen. There are many materials you can choose for your backsplash but when selecting the materials remember that a backsplash will get dirty and you want to be sure to choose a material that is easy to clean.

Kitchen backsplashes provide a necessary function of "catching" the splashed up "stuff" from preparing and washing foods. Obviously you wouldn’t want anything there that would stain or any porous materials (that is why marble, although lovely, is not a good choice as it does absorb and stain). Luckily there are several materials that can be decorative as well as functional.

One material that works well for contemporary as well as country kitchen backsplashes is metal. You can have thin sheets of metal installed as the entire surface from counter to bottom of cabinets. A brushed aluminum color goes great with a modern or even 1950's retro kitchen while a copper color blends nicely with a country look. Metal is easy to wash but you'll need to be careful not to scratch the surface. If you are using metal, be sure to match the material to your faucets and lighting.

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An emerging trend in kitchen backsplashes is glass. Either glass blocks that are part of the wall and let in lots of light or textured glass that can be installed between the cabinets and counters. Obviously glass blocks would have to be incorporated in the exterior wall of your house so it's probably not an option for a kitchen redo, but if you are building a home and it fits the style (or even doing a major remodel), then you might want to look into this neat idea. Glass is easy to clean and doesn't scratch easily so this is really an ideal material.

The old standby for kitchen backsplashes is tile - you can get any design, shape or size. You can even have custom painted tiles to match your "theme". Other materials are blackboard and cork. If your backsplash area is painted you can simply go over it with blackboard paint and keep some chalk handy to write messages. You can also lay in cork tile and seal it to make it washable - keep some tacks handy and you can tack up recipes and notes. These are not the most practical to clean so if you tend to splash a lot of food around while preparing you these may not be good for you!

When planning out kitchen backsplashes you'll want to consider how much area you want it to cover. A backsplash can be used to highlight one area such as behind the sink or stove or could cover the whole area along the entire counter. Some backsplashes go halfway up from counter to cabinet and others go all the way with no blank space in between. How much area you want to cover is up to you - consider how it fits into your design and how messy you are!

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