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Use Kitchen Wallpaper, Borders and Paints To Add Interest To Your Room

Decorate with kitchen wallpaper to add zest to a room, or tone it down a bit with borders or just plain paint. Either way, the most noticeable change you can make in your kitchen will be to change the covering on the walls. The walls can set the tone for the entire décor of the room so choose carefully and make sure it is something you can live with!

Kitchen wallpaper comes in all kinds of different patterns and can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. When choosing a pattern, keep in mind the other items in the room. If your floor has a busy pattern, you may want to pick a plainer style wallpaper. Keep in mind the style of your furniture and try to go with a matching style. Also, don’t forget about your cabinets and countertop – if you aren’t going to replace them you’ll want to make sure the colors don’t clash!

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Sometimes kitchen wallpaper is just too much for the room and you may want simply paint the kitchen. As when picking out wallpaper, make sure you choose a color that matches with the pieces that will be staying in the kitchen (curtains, flooring, counters and cabinets). If you don’t want the trouble of wallpapering, but still think paint is too plain, you might want to go with a faux finish to add a little interest to the walls. You can even see lessons on faux painting online.

Kitchen wallpaper orders are another option that can add interest but not overwhelm the room. You can put them at the top of the wall butting up against the ceiling, or at chair rail height. I have even seen them applied against the wall above the counters as a backsplash and that looks quite nice too.

Kitchen wallpaper and wallpaper borders are great products to shop online for as you will be able to see close-ups of the pattern and match it right to your room or other accent pieces (especially if your computer is in the kitchen or if you have a laptop that you can bring in the kitchen!). You’ll have a greater selection to choose from than in your local store and it can be delivered right to your door! Our online resources and recommended merchants listed below have secure ordering systems so your information is secure and private.

Kitchen Wallpaper Online Resources & Recommended Merchants:

Update your walls with some great wall art - you may even be able to skip the wallpapering all together!

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