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Kitchen Decorating Themes

Kitchen decorating themes are a fun way to redecorate your kitchen. There are many accessories you can buy to match most themes. From rugs to curtains to dishes and even wallpaper. If you like collecting it can be really fun to focus on a theme and then collect all the different kitchen gadgets and things that go with it.

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Some kitchen decorating themes that you might want to consider include:

Tropical - Tropical decor is hot! Breezy palm trees and bamboo wallpaper. There's plenty of accents you can get to go with this theme.

French Country - Oh lala! French country is perfect for kitchens, not too formal but very classy. Heavy pieces with traces of old paint. You can get lots of accessories to match at flea markets and yard sales which saves you money.

Retro - Retro kitchen decorating themes are so much fun! Popular time frames are the 30's (green and cream accents and green glass knobs), the 40's(retro print tablecloths in reds and white with red accents), the 50's (aqua and pink with atomic print tablecloths), and the 60's (avacado green and orange ??.......). this type of decorating is great for collectors since you can buy vintage items and use them right in your kitchen.

Italian - Put your kitchen Under the Tuscan Sun! Great architectural pieces and bright colored pottery are focal points of these kitchen decorating themes. Lots of greenery and a glass topped table with metal frame come to mind when I think "Italian".

Animals - Pigs, cows, cats - you name it. You can create a decorating theme around your favorite animal and fill the kitchen with great animal themed collectibles.

Fruits- grapes, cherries, strawberries and apples are just a few fruits where you can find many accent pieces for your ktichen. You can also get many vintage pieces with fruit themes to add interest.

Safari - Every meal can be an adventure with animal print themed curtains and dishes and animal accents.

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