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Try A Kitchen Cabinet Design Remake Without Buying New Cabinets

Redoing your kitchen cabinet design can be the most rewarding task in your kitchen decorating project. You can change the look of your cabinets with simple and inexpensive methods, or you can have them entirely resurfaced and they will be like new.

What you choose to do will depend on your existing cabinets. Are they in good condition or worn and outdated? Is the wood nice? If they are still in good condition and made from quality wood, you probably won't want to ruin them by doing anything drastic (then again if you hate them anyway- why not just go ahead!). Try to picture your dream cabinets and how you might change the current kitchen cabinet design to make it more like what you want. If your cabinets are rather plain, you can add interest by applying moldings, legs and trim to jazz them up.

Another kitchen cabinet design method that makes a huge change is to replace the doors with glass doors or even stained glass. You can buy different types of glass such as textured or patterned. You can even buy etching stencils to etch your own unique pattern into the glass. If you are on a budget you could even just remove the doors altogether! Then display some of your colorful dishes or gadgets or anything that matches your decorating theme. Add decorative grill work or lattice panels for a unique look. You can replace or remove just a couple of doors and still have enough closed cabinets for those messy items.

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If it's a color change you want, then go ahead and paint. Make sure you use paints that can be cleaned easily since cabinets get a lot of use and tend to get dirty. Also, be sure you prepare the cabinets correctly and use quality paint so the finished kitchen cabinet design looks good.

If you want to add some interest, you can do a little faux painting on the cabinets or paint a couple of complimentary colors. You can even paint in a fake molding by painting on even lines about 2" in from the edge and highlighting the top and left side in a lighter color and the bottom and right in a darker color - this will create a light and shadow effect. To do this, just measure in as far as you would want the molding to go on each side and draw a line. Put 2 strips of painters tape on either side of the line spaced equally apart about "(it's important to get the lines straight and the spacing the same). Paint inside the tape with a medium color to match the cabinets. Remove the tape and take some paint a couple of shades lighter than the color used to paint the lines - with a thin rush paint a line all along the top of the line you previously painted and along the outside of the line down the left side of the cabinet. Take some paint a couple of shades darker than the original paint and paint a line along the bottom of the bottom line and the outside of the right line.

A big part of your kitchen cabinet design is the knobs and drawer pulls. This one little detail can make a world of difference. There’s a ton of knobs to choose from – anything you can imagine from pewter to glass to porcelain. You should be able to find anything that matches a certain theme or color scheme. Shopping online is great for this kind of thing - you'll probably get a much better selection than in local stores too!  Our online resources and
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