common mistakes when installing kitchen cabinets
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Common Mistakes When Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Installing kitchen cabinets yourself is not for the novice handyman. Although it can be done without professional help, doing it successfully does require a bit of skill and knowledge. Installing them improperly can ruin the look of your kitchen, so think long and hard before attempting this as a DIY project.

There's several pitfalls one might encounter when installing kitchen cabinets. Being prepared for them and doing the prep necessary can help you to avoid these costly mistakes. Accurate measurements are key so be sure to measure twice. Below are some common mistakes to avoid.

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Installing Kitchen Cabinets - Common Mistakes

  • Not Installing Level - your cabinets will look terrible if they are not level! To avoid this, be sure to measure up from the floor to the top of the counters and the bottom of the upper cabinets. Draw a line and use a level to make sure both of these are level and parallel to each other.
  • Not Attaching To Studs - you cabinets are heavy, especially when filled so you will need to attach to the studs. Use a stud finder to determine where your studs are and draw a chalk line on the wall. Make sure you attach the cabinets to the studs by screwing in along the line.
  • Damage to walls or cabinets - to avoid damage, make sure you have a plan and follow it through. Think about the next step before starting each step. Be sure to remove all cabinet drawers and doors before hanging the cabinets.

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