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A Kitchen Decorating Idea :: Install Kitchen Sink

Decisions To Make Before You Install Kitchen Sink

Next on the checklist for your kitchen renovation = install kitchen sink.

But before you rush to check this item off, you've got a bit of research to do to find out which kitchen sink is best!

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There is many decisions to make before installing a kitchen sink and it is important to think things through as you do not want to go through an installation and then have to remove it!

Sink Material. Sinks can be made out of many materials. Picking one can be confusing. Each has it's pro's and cons, but here's a general low down on each type.

Cast Iron - They're heavy but look great in a variety of porcelain covered coatings. These kitchen sinks are very durable. They have a rim which installs above the counter and then they are held in place easily with adhesive.

Stainless Steel - Commonly found in kitchens all over the world, this is the most often used type of material for sinks. It is durable, germ resistant and easy to clean and comes in a variety of finishes (brushed, polished etc...) You can buy them in different price ranges, but the cheaper ones tend to be rather thin which makes them noisy and easy to dent. Stainless steel sinks don't have much pizzaz, but they are a good value. Easy to install, these sinks are self rimming and held in place with clips.

Enamel on Steel - This is a steel sink with a colored enamel coating. It comes in a variety of colors and price ranges but like the stainless steel sink, a cheaper one will be noisy, prone to dents and not last as long. Installing can be self rimming or done with a separate ring.

Corian - Installing a Corian sink along with your Corian counter is an easy way to get a great all in one look. If you are getting both at the same time, you can have your sink molded right into the counter for a seamless installation! You can also buy them separate for installation into existing counters. Corian sinks are beautiful, durable and easy to clean.

Fancy Schmancy - There's a whole new wave of fancy sinks made out of anything from fused glass to quartz to marble. There's a myriad of fabulous designs for anyone whose budget and taste runs to the unusual. Installing any of these sinks in your kitchen is sure to run you a few bucks but if you can afford the sink in the first place, what’s a few more dollars for that great, unique look!

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