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Kitchen Decorating Idea Guide :: How To Make Curtains

How To Make Curtains

Making curtains is a great way to get a custom look in your kitchen. When you learn how to make curtains you will be able to match your decorating theme perfectly for a fraction of the cost. If you have looked in the stores for curtains to match your kitchen décor, you know that you can rarely find the perfect print or material, but take a look in the fabric store and you will have a much larger selection.

Plus, when you learn how to make curtains, you can decorate your windows in every room with perfect fabrics to match your décor!

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Making curtains can be quite involved, but I'm going to outline an easy way to make great looking simple curtains. This style of window treatment goes with many types of décor from contemporary, to country, to café style - it can be used to complement almost any decorating theme provided the material match to the theme.

How To Make Curtains :: Materials

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • iron
  • Carpenters square
  • Curtain Rod

    The first step in making curtains is to measure the window. You'll want 2 curtain panels (one to hang on each side of the window) - measure the entire width of the window - this will be the size for each panel. You can have the length fall to valence length (about 15" of material needed), to the middle of the window, the bottom of the window or the floor. Measure the length for the style you want and add 4" total for the upper and lower hem. Purchase the amount of material needed for each window according to your measurements. (If you are just leaning how to make curtains, you may want to purchase extra just in case!). Wash the fabric to pre shrink.

    Cut the fabric for the panels according to your measurements and don't forget to add the extra 4" for the hems! Depending on the type of material, you'll need to sew a thin hem down the sides of each panel. Next, hem the bottom - measure 1" up and fold the curtain evenly. Sew them hem and press.

    The hardest parting in learning how to make curtains is the pocket for the rod. The key is that you want a bit of material to stick up above the rod so you don't sew the pocket right at the top.

    For making these curtains, we are going to measure down 3" from the top of the curtain, fold on that line and pin. Next, measure down 1" from the fold and mark with pins - this is the top of the pocket so sew across that line. Measure 1" from the sewn line and sew another line - this is the pocket that you slide the rod into and you are done!

    You may have about an inch of extra material that you can trim off under the rod pocket. If your curtain rod is wider than 1", then make the pocket wider to accommodate the size of the rod.

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