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How To Grout Tile

Learning how to grout tile is an important skill for the do it yourself’er. If you are attempting to renovate a kitchen or bathroom, this easy to learn skill can save you plenty. The first step, of course is to pick a grout that matches with your tiles. Do you want it to be lighter than the tile, or darker? This is a matter of personal preference but I will say that I once had a tile counter top with white grout and it was always dirty looking - I spend a lot of time cleaning it and would never use the white again. Having said that, you will need to consider how the color of the grout will affect the overall look you are going for. How To Grout Tile

You will need a float or squeegee for spreading the grout and a sponge for wiping.

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First off mix the grout with water or a fortifier as instructed on the package. This will help to make a waterproof mixture.

Next, double check your tiles to make sure they are even - remove the little spacers in each section as you go if you have used them to lay the tile.

Spread the grout using the float or squeegee and making sure to push the grout into the crevices so that there is no air left inside. Sometimes you might want to use your finger to press it in but in the end you should make sure the grout is level with the tiles and not indented by your finger.

Scrape any excess grout off the tile by running the float diagonal to the tiles.

With a wet sponge, wipe off excess grout that may be clumped on - you want to make sure the grout is even with the tiles.

Finally, when the grout is dry, there will be a hazy film which you can wipe away with a soft cloth.

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