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5 Tips On How To Decorate Your Kitchen On A Budget

These tips might give you some ideas on how to decorate your kitchen on a budget. Although they do require some elbow grease, you will see that you don’t have to spend a bundle to give your kitchen a whole new look. Depending on your budget, you might be able to incorporate 1 or more ideas into a weekend kitchen decorating project.

  • 1. Paint

    You’ll get the biggest bang for the buck in a kitchen redo with paint. It's fairly inexpensive and can give the room a whole new look. If your cabinets are ugly or out of date but you don’t have it in the budget to buy new ones, why not consider using paint to give them an updated look? It’s not hard to learn how to paint kitchen cabinets and you can finish the project in a weekend.

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    Using paint to decorate your kitchen walls is very cost effective as well. You can even get a decorative faux paint look that might be out of your budgetary means if you do it your self. Learning how to use a faux painting technique to get the look of plaster or marble is not as hard as you might think.

  • 2. Hardware and Knobs

    While this may cost you a bit more than paint, replacing your cabinet hardware and knobs can make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen. If you find a cool knob that you like, you can even base your whole kitchen décor on the style and color of the knob. If your cabinet hardware is outdated or in bad condition, try to budget in some money for knew knobs as this is a very effective way to give the kitchen a fresh look. There’s plenty of styles and sizes in our cabinet knobs showcase.

  • 3. Put Up A Border

    A simple wallpaper border is easy work and can make a drastic change without putting much or a dent in your kitchen decorating budget. Sometimes you can even find a pleasing pattern in the discontinued bin for little money. Just make sure there is enough to paper the area you want before you bring it home! A traditional place for a border is a the top of the wall next to the ceiling, but it can also look nice at chair rail height and also as a backsplash above your kitchen countertops.

  • 4. Go For A Molding

    Did you know that you can buy edge moldings for your kitchen cabinets? Why blow your budget on new cabinets when you can enhance your kitchen by decorating the cabinets with rope trim, fluted moldings and rosettes. You can add gallery or crown molding to the tops of your upper cabinets to give your kitchen a designer look. You can even buy a little trim that goes on your door faces to jazz them up a bit. Check out our cabinet trim showcase to see the huge difference this little change can make.

  • 5. Vinyl Tiles

    If your floor is outdated, dirty and grungy then getting a new floor will make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen. You may not even notice how dingy the floor looks and may be reluctant to budget in any money for a floor but try to take a fresh look at it and really notice what it looks like. When I sold my house I thought my kitchen floor was a little old but just fine - my realtor took one look and convinced me that a new floor would help me get more for the house. I put a new floor in and couldn't believe the difference! If you want to do the work yourself you can get a vinyl tile floor that matches with your kitchen decorating theme for a budget of anywhere from 50 cents a square foot to $5.00 a square foot! Of course, the more you pay, the better quality floor which will be easier to install and will last longer.

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